We deliver on a promise of the Internet: Turn-key virtual inventory and fulfillment that generates immediate profits for retailers and offers complete product lines. Improve SEO– Our fully integrated solution feeds products directly onto your site, raising search rankings and enhancing online presence. New revenue stream– Receive at least 40% of retail price from every product sold.

What we do:

  • Provide technology and inventory.
  • Manage fulfillment, returns, and repairs.
  • Continually update brand selection.
  • Advertise and conduct email campaigns to motivate sales.

Resultco's solution is a natural new revenue stream for:

  • Brick and mortar retailers seeking to add a complete line of products to their websites.
  • Online retailers seeking to expand their existing product line with a complete catalogue of new products.
  • Department stores seeking to expand their current product offerings with a complete selection of new brands.
  • Specialty stores that want to add a new line of products.

Prices are unilateral, assuring that all retailers who participate will not find their inventory undercut elsewhere.

Brand Incubator

With the evolution of the marketplace in the past ten years, there is a need for adaptation. The growth of the internet and prevalence of smart phones has changed consumers' buying patterns. Competitive mall shoppers will now search the internet prior to commitment to a purchase.

Resultco offers the manufacturer services that are essential for success. Prior to spending major marketing funds, we allow a brand to become established. Our unique marketing program can establish and grow a dealer base.

Via social media, search-engine optimization, and "listcasing," a brand can be represented and highlighted within 90 days. Resultco can document and provide results via our unique marketing program.

Our experience has allowed us to grow every year; regardless of the economy. Today we can share our experience and help brands to continue to mature in a healthy fashion. Resultco will perform beyond expectations!

National Advertising

Distribution Brands

We are constantly expanding with new brands and products. Our fashion accessory brands started as watches, and then we have expanded into more products such as sunglasses, men's bracelets, and soon leather goods. Click to learn more about the brand or visit the website!





Briefcases, Wallets & Travel Gear