Different than other private label companies.

The value of offering product exclusivity in today’s marketplace through Private Labeling is undeniable. The many years of offering “house brands” rivaling the quality of more well-known brands has paved the way for significant success in both online and brick and mortar sales which surpasses more than $150B annually. Through our extensive library, design and technology from our state-of-the-art facilities, Resultco makes it possible for private label clients to forge profitable brands with minimal investment and maximum speed to market.

Resultco is dedicated to working collaboratively, offering cutting-edge products, trend insight and industry wisdom to help our partners build successful brands and thriving businesses.


Developing consumer loyalty is now a challenge, as consumers can easily price compare on the Internet. In fact, many consumers price shop while they are in a brick and mortar store looking to purchase. The lower price normally wins the sale. Private labeling allows the retailer to be competitive offering a product that offers a lower retail with the same quality or greater of a well-known brand.

Brand Development

Through our extensive library of innovative products currently including jewelry, watches and sunglasses, RESULTCO makes it possible for our private label clients to market profitable brands with ZERO investment and maximum speed to market.

Increased Profit

Private label promotes increased profit as the retailer eliminates multiple middlemen in the purchasing chain. The retailer has the option to sell their private brand to other dealers. Resultco can aid the private label by listing their private brand on other retail sites.

Resultco’s private label program is different than other producers of private label products.


Resultco is flexible in working with any order quantity.

Competitive Pricing

Resultco currently produces multiple private brands that produce millions of fashion accessories.

Unique Marketing Program

Resultco participates in marketing your private label with ZERO cost.

We work directly with the brand owner

Ensuring every step of production will satisfy their customer base/demographic.

Over 5,000 unique designs

We specialize in fashion watches, sunglasses and jewelry.

Timed production

With guaranteed delivery date.

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Superior Products

We make next-generation products that command attention and are in high demand.

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